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You might be able to convert YOUR song!


Make Your Own Sheet Music!

Imagine having a tool that allows you to create your own free sheet music for any songs that you want and as many times as you want.  Sounds too good to be true?  Yes!  

All these are possible with the NotationMachine 

NotationMachine allows you to create your own favorite sheet music in 4 easy steps: 

  • Find song
  • Save file
  • Get software
  • Print music

What is NotationMachine?

Sheet Music Creation Tools

Do you know that on the Internet, there are pages and pages of music resources lying around that can be converted to sheet music easily?  

The NotationMachine is a whole bunch of software meant to help you convert these music resource to the sheet music you want.  They demonstrate to you how and where to find the MIDI file for the song you want, how you can download it and convert it to printable sheet music using one of many free notation software titles available.  You can even convert your CDs, tapes, mp3s and more!  

Sheet Music Search Tools

That's not all!  NotationMachine also has an online form which helps you locate music files and sheet music already available on the Internet!

Start downloading your sheet music right now!  Join the NotationMachine community and use the powerful search engine to locate sheet music on the net!  You can use all the tools provided to search the Internet from one place!  Search engines are confusing and usually give less than satisfactory results.  Now you can search for music directly from NotationMachine!

Get the Sheet Music even before they are in print!

In NotatonMachine, there are also step by step directions in the members area on how to save your favorite CDs as wave files.  From there, they'll take you on a journey of conversion.  They will guide you through the software download and direct you on how to convert the wave files into sheet music.  Imagine getting your favorite sheet music even before they are in print!

Here's what you get when you sign up!

  • You get: Search tools customized to find MIDI files!
    You'll save time by getting to the sheet music files you want fast! You find what you're looking for faster and this saves you time and makes you more productive!

  • You get: Complete Access to great software downloads!
    You won't have to snoop all over the Internet trying to locate the software programs that work on your computer.  It's organized systematically so you download only the programs you want.

  • You get: New Popular Hits!
    You can easily produce songs that aren't even in print yet!

  • You get: Step by step instructions for instant sheet music!
    You get step-by-step directions in plain English so you don't have to know the "lingo!"  You'll be printing out pages and pages of sheet music in minutes!

  • You get: Links to thousands and thousands of music files!
    Upon signing up, you'll receive access to thousands of popular song downloads which can be converted to sheet music instantly!

Create as much  sheet music as you can use! 

All this for as low as $20 for three months! 

Sign Up Now!


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