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Learn To Read Music Now
A free tutorial on how to read music, taking a common sense approach. That means READ music - not stumble around trying to figure out symbols.  Here are the basics. You can expand beyond this as far as you wish.
Introduction to Reading Music
Introduction to Reading Music.  Find out how easy it is to learn to read music.
Learn the basics of reading and writing music. Play the interactive piano to develop skills and hear samples. Uses Shockwave.
Trouble With Treble
find out how music is written, hear some sample notes, and learn to read sheet music on this site created by a teacher.
How to Read Music
a self-contained online textbook on reading music, by composer Richard White 
Play Piano 
Learn the piano technique of using chords and a combination of progressions and fun styles using your ear and your brain.  Get a copy of free tape "Chord-Color Magic" from the site. 
100% Free Piano Lesson 
All you need is a piano or keyboard next to your computer screen, but if you don't, you can print out the lessons and take them to whatever your piano or keyboard is set-up 
Free On-line Piano Lessons 
Free piano lessons for both beginner or students who wants to review their skills.
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